Reviews Policy

I’m Tea, a 23 years old girl that likes to talk about books online. This is a hobby that I try to keep aside from being a Physics student.

If You would like to get in contact with me about reviewing your book, You can find me at

Rewiews Policy:

  • If I accept to review Your book I reserve the right to give it my honest opinion. Just because I accepted to review it doesn’t mean I’m going to praise the book if I do not like it.
  • If I’m sent a book to review that doesn’t automatically mean that I’ll finish it if I’m not enjoying what I’m reading.
  • I need up to 90 days to finish the book sent to me for reviews.
  • I can also dedicate an Instagram post to the book if it’s an option You’d like

What I’m interested in reading:

  • magic
  • fantastical worlds
  • magical realism
  • mystery
  • fairies
  • magical schools
  • romances with character development
  • trillers
  • detective stories
  • historical settings