Let’s talk about: Graphic novels

As a child I found graphics novels to be really boring. I was the kid that either liked movies or books, I was not a fan of books consisting mostly of pictures, but I've decided to give it another go and I was really surprised. My inspiration for this post was that I have recently… Continue reading Let’s talk about: Graphic novels


Magical Readathon: O. W. L.s 2020 – Weeks 3 and 4

Hello, hello! I'm back with my O.W.L.s final update.I'm sorry this is a bit late, but I was really busy with Uni so I really couldn't find the time to upload it sooner. Here we go: so... I did it!! I really did not think I'll be able to finish it in time, but after… Continue reading Magical Readathon: O. W. L.s 2020 – Weeks 3 and 4