Let’s talk about: Problematic authors

Hello everyone, I hope you are good. I am so heartbroken that I am writing this post today, but I want to address some issues that I have seen recently in the book community. And since I basically don't use Twitter or Instagram and I do not get into discussions on those platforms. I'll be… Continue reading Let’s talk about: Problematic authors


Let’s talk about: Graphic novels

As a child I found graphics novels to be really boring. I was the kid that either liked movies or books, I was not a fan of books consisting mostly of pictures, but I've decided to give it another go and I was really surprised. My inspiration for this post was that I have recently… Continue reading Let’s talk about: Graphic novels

Let’s talk about: Unpopular opinions

So having read Goodreads' favorite The Kiss Quotient and hating it, I've decided to start this little discussion.I know there are a lot of favorites that I don't like and a lot of them I love and you guys probably don't, so I'm presenting to you five of my unpopular opinions (there's a lot more).Without… Continue reading Let’s talk about: Unpopular opinions